Intro to me ♥

Love, I am super infatuated with it. Just my luck that it never comes my way. My family always tells me to stop looking, let him come to you. Well I can’t help it. Like a doctor once told me “We were put on this earth to find a person that we want to live with for the rest of our lives and reproduce, and keep the chain going.” She also told me that I am worth the wait. Oh I should give you a little background before coming to the present. I am a mixed girl from Wisconsin. My mother is white and father is African American. Being mixed is not an easy thing. It is a constant battle between two very different races. On top of me being mixed I am 6 ft. The biggest struggle of my life. Yeah playing volleyball was great with this given height but finding someone is yet again a struggle. The average height of a male in the United States of America is 5’10. I exceed that by 2 1/2 inches. Seriously I am the tallest person in my immediate family. Yes, that means I am taller than my dad.  Been like that for a few years now. Other than that I would like to say that I am a VERY open person. I talk about everything. I’m currently a first semester sophomore. That is all for now. I promise there will be much more. On to the next subject.


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