When I first realized…..

Time to get on the subject I talk about the most….. white guys. I currently go to a predominantly white institution and I swear I am in whiteboy heaven everyday. I see a new attractive one everyday. My infatuation began long ago.

The beginning was when I was in preschool. My first kiss was actually with a black boy. I remember that day vividly. We were all laying on the big rug in class. The lights were off and I was facing my friend. We were putting our hands in cement as an art project that day. The boy asked me if I knew how to french kiss. I honestly was modeling it after the Rugrats in Paris movie. I did “know” how to kiss. We did and got caught.  Both of us were sent home shortly after. That was just the beginning of my interest in the male species.  After that I stopped liking black boys because of one I was in school with. He would always talk about my shoes. I vowed to myself that day I would never date a black boy. My first boyfriend was actually half black and half Mexican. That lasted like .2 seconds. Oooo I really like him. My second boyfriend was actually fully black. I know sad story, I love white men but never dated one. I am sure it will happen one day. The wait is killing me though. I never got a chance to date a white boy before college because all of the ones I went to school discriminated and the one white boy I actually liked ended up dating my best friend for roughly 2 years. It was a slap in the face.As I was saying I love white men and everything about them. I love their hair and skin and smiles and all that other good stuff about them pretty much. I have always been a fan of long white man hair. Hockey players have the best man flow ever. That’s what I call long white man hair. “Man Flow” (says in a Barry White voice in her head). Since I have got to college my boy craziness has gotten worse by an infinite amount. I have began to say white men are my kryptonite. The day I am found by one I will be more than happy. I really just want to take cute pictures with him and have someone to cuddle cuddle. Knowing that he is mine will be the best I ever had. I could go on and on but I have so much to talk about that I don’t want to tell something I want to highlight in another post in this one. It’s hard because I have so much to say about them. Next subject, please.


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