I stopped looking…

My friends once told me that I should stop looking for a man because once I do he will find me. I stopped and it’s very nice, yes I am still boy crazy as fuck but what can I say I love the male species. I cannot help it. The night I told myself to stop looking was probably one of the saddest nights of my life. I wasn’t even in my dorm. I actually was in the one I lived in the previous year. I miss that place. I made myself in that dorm and some great memories and great friends. Long story short a lot happened when I lived and loved there. Back to the story of that night. I then laid on the floor in my friend’s dorm room and thought about guys a million times more than I did previously. Then I walked to the lobby of the building and sat on the couches. I got really sad about not thinking about guys and I actually had a break down. My best guy friend came up to me to give me a hug and I didn’t accept it. Then one of my girl friends came up and I let her in for a hug. I thought to myself if I was going to stop pursuing guys then I should stop with my guy friends too. I sat there for a while but after that break down I had a breakthrough. Guys are pigs and I am starting to see that more now than ever. They want the cat. Meow! My cat is too precious to let them in that. It’s a sacred tomb that has boobie traps and if you fuck up you will be cursed. Hitting all the right spots will get you the treasure. Okay I am done with comparing my vagina to a sacred Egyptian tomb. I have hit some rough patches on the route through my journey but hey I have been celibate for almost 5 weeks now. For me that’s a long time tbh. Another post will explain why I say that. Honestly I have never been in a relationship. How that happened I still don’t know. Oh wait I was a chubby mixed girl in high school that loved white guys that were never interested in dating me. That’s why I came to college bitches, to enjoy life with more open minded individuals. I promised until the day me and “him” meet I will always keep my life updated. I forgot how much I love typing about how crazy my life is. So moral of the story I stopped looking now patience is a virtue and my academics are way too important. I’m in college to further my education not find my future love. I wouldn’t mind if that happened though. Go to College or do something else in life. As my wellness lecture teacher says “Something is better than nothing.” My trying is something and it’s going wonderful. In my mind I will survive. In reality I will hit some roadblocks but it’s my job to conquer them all. Go Me!!!


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