The life of a Facebook page admin. It’s very stressful but I ♥ it!!

One February day while I was on the phone with my best friend and she was telling about this love confessions page at her college. I knew my college had a raunchy confessions page but I am infatuated with love. So, I was like I am going to make a love confessions page for my college. I did a comparison of both pages from my school and from her’s. I started a survey page and picked the pictures that would be the main and cover photos. I accidentally put the old mascot and someone guided me to take it down or I could get in trouble. It started evolving. A month or two later I already had 1000 likes and that’s a lot in my books. I just enjoyed being the creator and seeing what people said and who they were secretly crushing on. I ended up also making a classified not so classified page on top of my confessions page. It’s funny because I looked at the rough breakdown of likes on my love confessions page, people all over the world like my page. My page became so popular our school newspaper featured some posts in it a couple months after I created it. I just about died when I seen that. I could only imagine how the people that got their confessions put in the paper reacted. I was overly excited. I do love my page but the only down side of it is that I am constantly updating it. Over the summer it went pretty dormant but when the school year started up again the new freshman helped make it what it is today. Out of the 2800 likes I have for the page roughly 50 people know that I am the admin. I thought that telling guys that I am the admin would get me in good with them and maybe find a boyfriend but that did not work. Like I said in one of my older posts I stopped looking. Admin business is very stressful because I am the one and only person people yell at when they get mad at a post. Funny thing is some people don’t use the survey site and send me their confessions as a direct message and I see who it it. A good one was seeing one from my CA from last year talking about how she wants to experiment with a girl and her boyfriend wouldn’t mind it either. I was so surprised when I seen that. I was more shocked and it made me laugh. Other then those people that send me direct messages the majority of the posts are anonymous. I like it like that. If I knew all the dirty on the people here I would not know how to handle it. The best part of being is admin is the love you get out ways the hatred. People tell how much they enjoy the page. One guy got advice from my page about asking this girl out and he did it. She said yes and it melted my heart. This past weekend I helped someone find their wallet lost over the weekend on one of the buses. The boyfriend of the girl that asked for my help was so thankful after it was successfully found. I am glad my page could help. People even give me good advice about the page and I started a new thing. It’s popular on Instagram. Like throw back Thursday #tbt he said start Man Crush Monday #MCM and Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW. I did that and people went crazy about it. They get to tell who they like and hashtag it! Thanks friend! At the end of the day I will always have my page and know that I am helping people find love and stay connected. Love is such a beautiful thing. Don’t let it go to waste. ♥


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