The Truth came out #liquidcourage

Saturday I met up with an old friend and told him about Joe. My friend wanted to meet him. I convinced him. He came to where I was and we walked together back. We played a drinking card game. I got drunk. There was a truth and dare card. I picked dare, they wanted me to kiss Joe. I couldn’t. Damn it. We waited for my roommate to get back from the bar. Then we walked back to our building and went to Joe’s room. I sat on his bed and we talked. He showed me the girl that broke his heart. I want to fight her. Then I got into Paul’s bed. Paul hates people in his bed.  I DID IT!!!! I wasn’t tired when I was up there so I decided to tell Joe everything. I told him we are going to get married and if we did the music would be great. I proceeded to say I want to hug and cuddle with him. That if I brought him to a party with me. I would get territorial. I really like Joe. I would love to date him but we are friends so I don’t have a clue what would happen. He changed my outlook on rap music Drunk confessions are the best. I am so confused ugh “/


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