I told him

Joe Joe Joe is his name and a couple weeks ago I decided to tell him I liked him. Well I went through a day of contemplation then I did it. A simple text. I swear I had a panic/anxiety attack before I did it. I texted Can I tell you something? In promise that you keep this between me and you. He said sure go for it. I said I like you thats all I needed to say. He never texted me back. A whole week I was thinking about how bad of a decision I just made and how he obviously wants me out of his life. Then I got a snapchat from him but snapchat is evil and and I didn’t see what he possibly said and he wouldn’t reply so I told him that. Then I said if you sent me something I didn’t see it. That took so much of a toll on me that I started crying on the phone next to my bed. I had to shake it off because I had things to do that day. Then later that day I said are you ever going to talk to me again or nah? he said yes then I said I thought after I told you I liked you that you cut me out of your life. Then he snapchatted me his face “I would never.” That made my whole day. I was so happy. I told Regina right away. Then I said Next time I tell you something like that can you get back to me sooner than later so I don’t think of the worst for a whole week, promise? And he said yes. I am set for life. That’s all. I will always have feelings for him. Point.Blank.Period.


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