I told him

Joe Joe Joe is his name and a couple weeks ago I decided to tell him I liked him. Well I went through a day of contemplation then I did it. A simple text. I swear I had a panic/anxiety attack before I did it. I texted Can I tell you something? In promise that you keep this between me and you. He said sure go for it. I said I like you thats all I needed to say. He never texted me back. A whole week I was thinking about how bad of a decision I just made and how he obviously wants me out of his life. Then I got a snapchat from him but snapchat is evil and and I didn’t see what he possibly said and he wouldn’t reply so I told him that. Then I said if you sent me something I didn’t see it. That took so much of a toll on me that I started crying on the phone next to my bed. I had to shake it off because I had things to do that day. Then later that day I said are you ever going to talk to me again or nah? he said yes then I said I thought after I told you I liked you that you cut me out of your life. Then he snapchatted me his face “I would never.” That made my whole day. I was so happy. I told Regina right away. Then I said Next time I tell you something like that can you get back to me sooner than later so I don’t think of the worst for a whole week, promise? And he said yes. I am set for life. That’s all. I will always have feelings for him. Point.Blank.Period.

The Truth came out #liquidcourage

Saturday I met up with an old friend and told him about Joe. My friend wanted to meet him. I convinced him. He came to where I was and we walked together back. We played a drinking card game. I got drunk. There was a truth and dare card. I picked dare, they wanted me to kiss Joe. I couldn’t. Damn it. We waited for my roommate to get back from the bar. Then we walked back to our building and went to Joe’s room. I sat on his bed and we talked. He showed me the girl that broke his heart. I want to fight her. Then I got into Paul’s bed. Paul hates people in his bed.  I DID IT!!!! I wasn’t tired when I was up there so I decided to tell Joe everything. I told him we are going to get married and if we did the music would be great. I proceeded to say I want to hug and cuddle with him. That if I brought him to a party with me. I would get territorial. I really like Joe. I would love to date him but we are friends so I don’t have a clue what would happen. He changed my outlook on rap music Drunk confessions are the best. I am so confused ugh “/

I am new to this thing but nothing has happened…

So over a week ago I went to the Buck game in Milwaukee, WI for a friend’s pseudo  birthday party. We took a school bus and only had to pay $20. We all got drunk on the way there. I noticed this guy sitting kind of across from me but I couldn’t remember his name much. While I was talking to these people behind me he kept staring at me. He could have talked to me. We got to the Bradley Center and got to our seats and had fun watching the game. A drunk group is the best group. At a point of time me and this girl wanted to go and walk around so we had the guy that was staring at me watch them. While sitting behind him I noticed how veiny his arms and hands were. I think that is just so attractive. Then I seen his eyes and just died. By this time I knew his name. Andrew 🙂 After the game we got on the bus and didn’t even take a bathroom break. We dance and laughed and had a great time. Andrew knew like all the music I was playing. We all calmed down and sat down. This guy started give this girl that was laying down a back massage and Andrew was like I want a one. So being me I offered one. I first was doing it through all his layers and then I put my hands up his shirts and I was massaging his back. I did it for a while then we just sat touching knees. I wanted to kiss him soo bad but I was too nervous. So for the last 30-45 min of the ride I thought about it but didn’t do anything. If you know me I am like the least nervous person. I just do what I want and I couldn’t do it. I was even drunk and my nervousness stopped me. So then I asked him for his number. I got it and when we got back home I texted him and told him how cute I thought he was. He said thanks but that he wasn’t looking for a relationship. I said I am scared of commitment. Then he texted me back like we could be friends with benefits. I said fine when I woke up the next morning. We didn’t talk much after that. the next Thursday comes around and by this time I have the thing that girls every month. I woke up that morning like all I want to do is cuddle. Funny thing after I was done with work and doing stuff with my roomie Andrew texts me. I was like all he wants is the cat. Too bad I can’t give it to him. So I asked if we could cuddle he said I can make the rules. I died after that.  I got back to my room, got nervous because he opened the can. Then he came and got me. We got to his place and went and layed down. I told him like everything. No filter. I wanted to get to know him and I wanted him to get to know me. He smelled great! We were laying there then I asked him what he thought of me when he first say me. He flipped it and asked me I said “why is this guy that keeps staring at me, I won’t bite he can talk to us.” I told him that after I gave him the back massage I wanted to kiss him so bad but I was nervous. He asked so I make you nervous. I said yes then we started kissing. We kissed for a long time. I loved but hated it because I just wanted to have a nice sex session. Fuck being a girl. At a point of time he was laying between my legs. It was torture but I liked it. He kept grabbing my breasts. They were soo tender that it was turning me the fuck on. Then he was kissing my chest. I wanted to fade into ecstasy but I couldn’t. I asked if he shaved or if he was a bushman so I just checked then I went a little further. He is thick “types while biting lip” Then later that night I told him that sometimes I cannot gauge my suction in my mouth sometimes. He said “I wouldn’t know.” He shouldn’t have said that because I love suckin dick and he got to take a test drive……In my mouth lol I did it until I heard him moan a couple of times.  He is that kind of guy that doesn’t like you kissing after that. So at that time all I had on was my yoga capris and a shirt. Tanks and bra were on the ground. He held my boob while we slept. I loved every moment of the cuddle and make-out session. He is my new FWB but its on his terms. I will tell you about out sex after it happens.

2014 so far……hectic

The end of 2013 brought a lot of deep thinking and sex with friends. That wasn’t working for me anymore. I made a resolution that I wasn’t going to have sex until I went on a date. Yes, a 20 year old super social attractive thick mixed girl has never been on a date before. People don’t believe me. I just never had anyone have enough courage to come up to me and ask me on a date. Dateless at the age of 20 sucks. I am worth more than sex with randoms and after having multiple deep conversations with my sister’s current girlfriend, I decided to change my way. I have been celibate for almost 4 1/2 months now. I feel better. I know the next time I do have sex it might just hurt and it will be with someone that is not a total random. I will tell you about the possibles in another post. January 20th I got back to school. I was glad to be back. I missed everyone so very much. I thrive off the energy of people especially my friends. Started the second semester of my sophomore in college. This semester is almost over. I should have studied more but isn’t that what everyone wants to do. I absolutely love my African American Literature teacher and class. It is so wonderful and eye opening. Other then that I really don’t care about any other of my classes. I applied to be a Community Advisor, like an RA in the residents halls. I got the job and I meet my staff on Thursday May 1st. I am so excited. Other than that not much has happened. I get to keep my roommate I have right now. I love this girl. I would do anything for her. She is the best friend I could have ever had. Yeah, other than that is all I have to say about 2014 for now. I will tell stories in other posts. Enjoy 🙂 Much love ♥

Fuck me….not literally

I fucking hate feelings. So it all began in freshman move in day. I came back to my room for a break because I needed to eat something and I went and introduced myself to all my neighbors. There was this cute tall boy across the hall. I walked in and introduced myself. Joe is his name. Cute and quiet. I went on with my day. Weeks pass and I noticed that someone was playing good music. I walked in their room and told Joe thanks for playing the right music. Then I went back in my room he was going through songs Make It Nasty – Tyga passed. I asked him to turn back to it. He did and I had a dance party in my room, I even started breaking a sweat. Another night someone started playing music really loud in the hallway so all the social people came out. We started dancing and after their music died down Joe started playing his music louder. Me and some of my new friends started room hopping and just sitting down in everyone’s room that had their door open it was fun. We ended up stopping in Joe’s room. That is the night I met Paul, Joe’s roommate.  I think I sat in there for a while then trying to get to know them more. Then a bunch of us went to the basement of our dining hall and got food. We all bonded. It was nice . Another night I came in there to do homework and I ended up staying in their until like 2 in the morning watching Blue Mountain State. That is the day I decided that we were going to be good friends.

Weeks past and I always stopped in their to see how they were doing.  Joe moved the room around to a much more desirable way. I started just coming in and sitting down. We added each other on Snapchat. Then I started hanging out with them all the time. Anytime I would get bored I would come in their room. The first night I spent the night in their room was so much fun we stayed up talking for hours. Paul is an asshole and Joe is a sweetheart. I like how much of an asshole Paul is. In my heart I have a special place for both of them. I have never had guy friends like that. In high school all the guys were rude as fuck and I wanted nothing to do with them. I had guy friends but mostly all of them were gay or I ended up falling for them or they moved away. So I really gave up. I made a few my freshman year of college but I ended up having sex with A LOT or randoms, so guys yet again were the reason I began to deteriorate. I got a reputation and it blew up in my face continuously until a month or a month and a half ago. Then those two popped in my life.

Now getting to the fuck me not literally part of this whole story. Around the time I began to want to read 50 shades of grey again I also started hanging out with them a lot. Naturally my mind wanders. Yes I do admit that as a sexual being I have fantasized about both of them. Like giving both of them head on their bed while they sit next to each other. Then I have to shake the feeling because they are best friends and roommates. I had a dream about Joe first the night I came back to school from Thanksgiving break.

JOE dream: I was in the hall and I seen him coming out of the room at the end of the hallway. (Which is not really his room  but it’s a dream) I motioned him to give me a hug. The first round of hug was horrible and the second was a uber release of goodness. Then he backed me and looked down at me and was like “I have always wanted to get a piece of that pussy.” Or something along the lines of that. I then reached down to my stuff in the hallway, gabbed out a piece of chocolate. Shoved it in my mouth, it melted instantly and then kissed him. I felt bad so I backed away and said sorry for kissing him with a chocolatey mouth. Then I woke up. I couldn’t believe it happened. I told my roommate and couldn’t help but think about it the whole rest of the week when I seen him.

Weeks passed they went out I stayed in and they would tell me how their night went. They just want to lose their virginities and fuck bitches. Its funny because both of them are just so awkward when it comes to interacting with females other than me and his friends.  We finally all got drunk together. We got a thirty pack of Busch Light. I drank like 4 or 5 and had some mixed drinks. I was feeling wonderful. Paul hid in the closet. They danced. I never laughed so much. That was the best night ever!!

PAUL dream: The dream he was in was so ridiculous. I will have to talk about the pre-him of the dream another time. I just got back from being in hiding after a guy pointed a gun at my head in my front yard. I went to find Joe and Paul. They were in their nicely renovated room. I met two new of their friends. Sitting next to Paul was this annoying blond. She said something slick to me so I pulled her by her hair onto the floor. Bitch pissed me off something serious. Then she ran out the room and the other cute white friend went after her. The asian friend came back in asked if that was assault and I acted like I didn’t know what he was talking about. He then left. Joe came back looked at us and then knew it was time for him to leave, then he left. I sat with my knees between his legs and had my hands on his knees. I acted shy then told him I have had a huge crush on him for a while. I thought a lot about him when I was in hiding. Then I acted shy sat next to him and we kissed. Then I laid my head on his lap and we kissed more. I was scared he was going to reject me. Other things happened in that dream. I woke up and told Regina about it. I had a whole new outlook on life after that.

P.S. I swear what killed me the most about Paul is that he is rude and I swear he always has something in his eye when he leaves and or sees me because it looks like he is always winking at me. 😉

The last week of school before break I was in their room like everyday. I was really going to miss them alot. They are my guys I kind of have crushes on. That week we found out that Paul’s estimated conception song was I’ll Make Love To You- Boyz II Men. I just about died when I seen that. Then I proceeded to call him a super virgin. He rolled up in his blanket and didn’t talk to me for a bit. Joe left the day I did, but earlier in the day. Paul was packing and I packed. We went to lunch. He bought me a whole value size can of Mandarin Oranges. Then he helped me carry all my stuff to the car when my ride came. That was so sweet of him. He dapped each other then he was on his way.

The day I decided to send out their gifts. Joe, Paul and Regina’s, I wrote a note on Paul’s pic because he didn’t want anything. After that I thought of all the good times we all have had together and I started to weep. I really miss them. It’s like they took a piece of me when we all departed. I sent their gifts. They all like them. I feel so warm that they know they are appreciated. I love them all. One day they will know that. Friends for life is what I am feeling and I am totally fine with them. I got lucky for meeting the best guy friends I could ever have. Be jealous lol 🙂

Ginger Love… I mean redhead I don’t want to make anyone mad….lol

I couldn’t honestly tell you when I began to like redheads it just came upon me one day. I know that once I got to college I started liking red beards more, too. I think it is the fact that they are just so different. They naturally go against the norms of society for just being born. That is supposed to be in a good way. Just to clarify that.

To this day I have only had sex with 2 gingers and both experiences were worth it. The first time was when I was a junior in high school. He was so awkward and a good friend of mine. We fell off after I told people that he was good but small. My fault to this day I haven’t had a conversation with him in like 3 years and we go to the same college current. He won’t talk to me. My best friend asked him if he hated me and he said no but that we should be friends from a distance. That we don’t want a repeat of what happened when we were in high school.  The second happened when my friends and I went to a party and someone broke the table so they kicked everyone out. Then we went to their friends house. Seen him and he took his shirt off while all of us were dancing. His body was bangin! His pale ivory skin and chiseled abs. Yum 😉 He could even shake his ass. I tried on his ski goggles. Chilled with him in his room. Asked him he wanted a back massage. I did that and he loved it. I asked him if he wanted me massage anything else. He said “My Dick” I was like okay. One thing lead to another and we ended up fuckin. It was wonderful. I found out he is the kind of guy that does not like when girls kiss him after they had sucked his dick. BOOOOO! Then I woke him up with head. He came and we went back to sleep. Like a couple hours later he asked me if I could leave because he had things to do. He ended up telling hella people and I swear all of the club men’s rugby team know. This was last year during my freshman year. I didn’t notice how sexy he was until this year. He doesn’t mind me but it hurts me to see him. I can’t even look at him. The struggle.

It’s a family thing. I am not the only one that likes redheads in my family my older sister does, too. We just find them intriguing. I would definitely marry and have children with a redhead.

Story of the hour though. So have an uber crush on a redhead that goes to school with me and this past weekend I got a little wastey pants and told him. He said Awww. Okay that’s better then something mean. I have ever hung out with him and it sucks because he is hilarious and we message on Facebook almost daily. I then proceeded to ask him if we can cuddle after we hang out for the first time. He said Maybe 🙂 . That gives me more hope it wasn’t a no. Well if that doesn’t work I will be sad. Mind you he has beautiful hair and a raging red beard and snake bites. He also runs track. I couldn’t ask for anything better but him to have more knowledge in R&B music and some rap. But this is the end my Ginger love will last forever. Love a ginger too.

The time a one night stand broke my heart :/

    I went out with my friends to one of the bars downtown. Mind you I am only 20 so getting in can be hard at times. All I had to show was a form of i.d. because their cameras cannot read the cards. I went there drank a little. Seen some friends I had met over the summer. Those two guys I love to death. We had our drinks and I was feeling wonderful. I danced and made more friends like I usually do when I go anywhere. It was the first real weekend after first semester began. We stayed at the bar until it closed. I took pictures with people. That night me and this girl that scares me played a trick on her boyfriend. She always thought I was trying to take her man over the summer. We settled the confusion that night. I was getting hugs from plenty of people when I seen this beautiful man. I looked over to my friend I was with and was like he is the most beautiful white man I have ever seen. She said I know his name is Dick*. She was kind of talking to him her. I told him what I told her. We talked for a bit and then his friend kept calling him. So I walked him over to where his friends were. I talked to him and there was that moment between two people where you know it’s time to kiss or the moment was just right. So I asked him politely can I kiss you and he said yes. It was absolutely wonderful. He told me he likes black women and we traded numbers. We hugged , he kind of felt up my skirt, then went our separate ways. I went back to where my friends were. We went into the pizza place that stays open after bar time. All the drunk people go there after they go out. The food is good and cheap. I was texting him the whole time I was with my friends. He called and I even went outside to talk, hey, it was loud in there. After that my friend drove me back to my hall. My friends were sitting in the lobby of my hall so I talked to them for a while. I wanted for Dick to call back. He did and I was still really drunk and my phone was dying but I put in the address where he was coming from. We found each other. It was wonderful when I seen him. I made fun of his mandals. We walked and kept stopping and kissing. Every kiss was just what I had been missing. He was strong, too, so he would hold me tight. We finally got back to the hall and walked up to my room. My roommate was there but that could not stop us. We tried to be as quiet as possible. Everything he did was out of this world. When he took his shirt off I seen that he had a side tattoo and died a little inside because earlier that day my roommate and I were talking about how when a guy has a nice body and a side tattoo. I just am so much more attracted to him. We got down to business and just had sex all over. In my bed, on my roommate’s floorton. Against the door. It was great on great on great. He was taller than me. He couldn’t have been a more perfect man in my eyes. When he came we went to bad not much later after that. I gave him a back massage before we went to bed and seen that he had a spine tattoo. Ouch painful. It said “For The Love Of The Game”. I was butter in his hands after that. The next morning I woke up and thought to myself how did I get this beautiful man to stay in my bed. I just couldn’t believe he was in my bed. We woke up and he was just laying next to me shirtless. We talked to each other. We talked to my roommate and were spooning. I reached my hand back and acted like I was itching my butt and started playing with is dick. That was fun. My roommate left for like 5 minutes and he just slid it in. So as I was talking to my roommate about how the night before was and having sex with him at the same time. I think I am pretty good. She left and we had like 2 more rounds. I felt bad though because we just laid there after round 2 and I looked down at his penis and it had a hickie on the tip. I felt so bad. He said it’s fine. Then I seen that he had tattoos on the sides of his fingers that said “Loyalty, Courage, Love and…” something else I cannot remember. He kept talking about how it’s been so ling since he had been in a dorm room. He got up to look out the window. He was just walking around my room butt ass naked. That’s when I noticed he had a nice ass too. That was the cherry on top. We started round 3 not long after that. We talked some more after that. He finally got dressed. He was like girl I’m hungry. I asked him if I could take a picture with him. No pics 😦 So I am having troubles with remembering what he really looks like. He then said I should head out I am hungry and I still have to drive back home. He was actually visiting friends that weekend. He was like ” time to take the walk of shame”, I was like “I will shame walk with you.” I walked him outside and he gave me a hug good bye then left. As he walked away something happened to me. The next day I was in a weird mood. Like I had lost something. I was eating ice cream and felt a wave of emotion go over my body and I started crying. At that moment I was happy, sad, empty, half full, and lost. That was when I realized that it broke my heart I was never going to see him again. He was just too good to be true. He was the first one night/morning stand that hurt me without even knowing. Fast forward a couple of weeks or a month. I texted him and he actually remembered me and texted back. He told me he was in a relationship now. I was sort of crushed but we were communicating. We decided to be at least friends. That was very nice and I was fine with that. Catch up every once in a while. I just want to remember when he looks like. Dick was the best dick I had ever had. The moral of the story don’t have one night stands and if you do don’t let any emotions come out or between you two. I made that mistake and cried. If only my life wasn’t that complicated.

The life of a Facebook page admin. It’s very stressful but I ♥ it!!

One February day while I was on the phone with my best friend and she was telling about this love confessions page at her college. I knew my college had a raunchy confessions page but I am infatuated with love. So, I was like I am going to make a love confessions page for my college. I did a comparison of both pages from my school and from her’s. I started a survey page and picked the pictures that would be the main and cover photos. I accidentally put the old mascot and someone guided me to take it down or I could get in trouble. It started evolving. A month or two later I already had 1000 likes and that’s a lot in my books. I just enjoyed being the creator and seeing what people said and who they were secretly crushing on. I ended up also making a classified not so classified page on top of my confessions page. It’s funny because I looked at the rough breakdown of likes on my love confessions page, people all over the world like my page. My page became so popular our school newspaper featured some posts in it a couple months after I created it. I just about died when I seen that. I could only imagine how the people that got their confessions put in the paper reacted. I was overly excited. I do love my page but the only down side of it is that I am constantly updating it. Over the summer it went pretty dormant but when the school year started up again the new freshman helped make it what it is today. Out of the 2800 likes I have for the page roughly 50 people know that I am the admin. I thought that telling guys that I am the admin would get me in good with them and maybe find a boyfriend but that did not work. Like I said in one of my older posts I stopped looking. Admin business is very stressful because I am the one and only person people yell at when they get mad at a post. Funny thing is some people don’t use the survey site and send me their confessions as a direct message and I see who it it. A good one was seeing one from my CA from last year talking about how she wants to experiment with a girl and her boyfriend wouldn’t mind it either. I was so surprised when I seen that. I was more shocked and it made me laugh. Other then those people that send me direct messages the majority of the posts are anonymous. I like it like that. If I knew all the dirty on the people here I would not know how to handle it. The best part of being is admin is the love you get out ways the hatred. People tell how much they enjoy the page. One guy got advice from my page about asking this girl out and he did it. She said yes and it melted my heart. This past weekend I helped someone find their wallet lost over the weekend on one of the buses. The boyfriend of the girl that asked for my help was so thankful after it was successfully found. I am glad my page could help. People even give me good advice about the page and I started a new thing. It’s popular on Instagram. Like throw back Thursday #tbt he said start Man Crush Monday #MCM and Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW. I did that and people went crazy about it. They get to tell who they like and hashtag it! Thanks friend! At the end of the day I will always have my page and know that I am helping people find love and stay connected. Love is such a beautiful thing. Don’t let it go to waste. ♥

The Infamous V-Card story. Let the rollercoaster begin.

          It all began on a warm June day in 2010. I was just relaxing with the family on my front porch when my friends came over and asked if I was going to my friend’s graduation party. I got dressed and headed over there with them. I met the family and seen my friends there. Then we started drinking a little. We left and came back. The friends I rode with were not drinking at all. I got back to the party and drank more. At this time I was roughly 16 years old and had a low alcohol tolerance. I drank a cup of 99 Bananas and Sprite. It was very strong and I sipped it like a pro. I was good after that. I ended up going into the bathroom with one of my friends and seen my boobs. Luckily my best friend came, who knows what could have went down if it wasn’t for her. After the people I came with left I got close to one the graduates aunts and she was really nice to me. She kept telling about how pretty I was and that if I could watch after her son. So I did. He was drunk I was drunk so we cuddled a couple times. I watched after him. I was like a dog in heat on the inside but I had to keep calm because I was a little less drunk than him. We ended up going to the basement where no one was at. I sat on the pool table and pulled him into my open legs. We kissed, he stepped back an came back for another kiss. Then he was like “I have to pee want to come with me”. I was like sure I thought to myself your mom did tell me to keep an eye on you. He want next to the garage he did his business and then came over to me. The area next to the garage was about 8 to 10 feet away from the fence. So we weren’t crammed. First we were just talking then we started kissing. He was a wonderful kisser. Let’s just say his name was Stan. I must make a reminder that I am 6 and he was roughly 5’9. Hey I don’t discriminate. One thing lead to another. He had his hand down my pants and then we jumped the fence to be behind the garage. I thought to myself a lot before it happened. Is this how I wanted to lose my most sacred thing? The one thing once you lose you don’t get it back. In my heart I felt that I was ready or that might have been the alcohol talking. He didn’t force anything upon me but unfortunately he let the liquor get the best of him and had a slight case of whiskey dick. It still went in and my virginity was gone forever. I had grass on my back and the grass was wet. I lost mine at a graduation party on the wet grass behind the garage. Hey it was Father’s Day the next day, too. He had to pee again so our session was cut short and an uncle came to pee also. So there I am deflowered and probably never going to be remembered after that. We ended up going to the tree house and sitting in there. While we were kissing someone else came up and was knocking on the door. It was his mother. She’s like luckily I came and you guys weren’t having sex or anything.I just snickered. She was a little late on that. Been there and I literally just had done that. His dad ends up taking the ladder and we get stuck in the tree house. He brings it back and we get down. They leave. I stay the night and dance until we get tired. I tell my friends them what happened. Bad Idea on my part. Passed out. Woke up the next morning and acted like nothing happened. I told my older sister right above me first. She ended up getting drunk one night and because I was asking for my tank top and she didn’t like it, she told the whole family that I had sex with two guys in two weeks and that I wasn’t a virgin anymore. One of my sisters that buys my homecoming dresses said was only going to get me a card and a dollar for my birthday. I sat on the curb and cried. My mom didn’t talk to me for a long time and it took her about a year to trust me again. I was their good child. The one that wasn’t supposed to do anything. Any time I make a mistake it is a huge deal to this day. I have my flaws but my future is too fragile for me to mess up because my success is being weighed down my whole family. I regret to not regret. I wanted a glamorous story that me and my boyfriend were ready and chose a night and did it. I will never live that fairy tale lifestyle I will be lucky to find a good man. I will stay positive. A TV show called Awkward taught me that nothing is better then the first time you have with someone you love even if you are not a virgin. I believe that and will be happy when it finally happens. If anything can happen it will to me and all I can do is try to enjoy the ride of life. Cruisin’

Let’s talk about sex…..go salt’n’peppa

I found out what sex was when I was a young child. Like maybe 1st grade or 2nd grade. I was a tall child and my dad had magazines on this tall shelf in his closet and I always was interested in finding out what they were. I did and brought my little sister along for the ride. When my dad found out we were stealing them he thought we were quote on quote “gay” or we liked girls. We looked at them because the guys penises. I didn’t understand what cum was for a while because we would see that word a lot. Eventually we found out. Can’t remember when I did. It’s funny I think 2nd grade was when I seen my first porn. It was on VHS and it was called Stick It In. Yet again it was me and my little sister watching this. We hid it on the side of my bunk bed for as long as we could . Then my parents found out. She and I used to get into so much trouble. I was so interested in sex in that form that I would stay up late at night watch what was on HBO at night. The only thing about those adult films is that they never really showed the men’s penis. The woman was always over glorified. I would sit in the hallway while my mom was watching Real Sex on HBO at night. My mom and my older sisters would always talk about sex. If you haven’t got the hint I grew up in a very open and casual family. We could talk to each other about any and everything. My mom had enough experience, she always gave good opinions on everything. Even if I didn’t want to hear it she would anyways. As time passed and I got more internet savvy, I was online one night looking at porn with my little sister at this time we had been on every free site we could get our hands on. By now we were teenagers and knew pretty much everything about everything pertaining to sex. We just typed in YouPorn.com to see if it existed and the mother load of free porn came up. We had hit the treasure. To this day I still look on there every once in a while. This turned more into a post about how much I enjoy watching pornography. Too late to go back now. Tumblr is probably the next best thing for a person that likes watching sex. That place is so free and open. I love it. Pictures, Moving pictures (gifs) and videos. You cannot go wrong. I just want to say watch porn at least once in your life. It is very interesting and broad. Enjoy!