The Infamous V-Card story. Let the rollercoaster begin.

          It all began on a warm June day in 2010. I was just relaxing with the family on my front porch when my friends came over and asked if I was going to my friend’s graduation party. I got dressed and headed over there with them. I met the family and seen my friends there. Then we started drinking a little. We left and came back. The friends I rode with were not drinking at all. I got back to the party and drank more. At this time I was roughly 16 years old and had a low alcohol tolerance. I drank a cup of 99 Bananas and Sprite. It was very strong and I sipped it like a pro. I was good after that. I ended up going into the bathroom with one of my friends and seen my boobs. Luckily my best friend came, who knows what could have went down if it wasn’t for her. After the people I came with left I got close to one the graduates aunts and she was really nice to me. She kept telling about how pretty I was and that if I could watch after her son. So I did. He was drunk I was drunk so we cuddled a couple times. I watched after him. I was like a dog in heat on the inside but I had to keep calm because I was a little less drunk than him. We ended up going to the basement where no one was at. I sat on the pool table and pulled him into my open legs. We kissed, he stepped back an came back for another kiss. Then he was like “I have to pee want to come with me”. I was like sure I thought to myself your mom did tell me to keep an eye on you. He want next to the garage he did his business and then came over to me. The area next to the garage was about 8 to 10 feet away from the fence. So we weren’t crammed. First we were just talking then we started kissing. He was a wonderful kisser. Let’s just say his name was Stan. I must make a reminder that I am 6 and he was roughly 5’9. Hey I don’t discriminate. One thing lead to another. He had his hand down my pants and then we jumped the fence to be behind the garage. I thought to myself a lot before it happened. Is this how I wanted to lose my most sacred thing? The one thing once you lose you don’t get it back. In my heart I felt that I was ready or that might have been the alcohol talking. He didn’t force anything upon me but unfortunately he let the liquor get the best of him and had a slight case of whiskey dick. It still went in and my virginity was gone forever. I had grass on my back and the grass was wet. I lost mine at a graduation party on the wet grass behind the garage. Hey it was Father’s Day the next day, too. He had to pee again so our session was cut short and an uncle came to pee also. So there I am deflowered and probably never going to be remembered after that. We ended up going to the tree house and sitting in there. While we were kissing someone else came up and was knocking on the door. It was his mother. She’s like luckily I came and you guys weren’t having sex or anything.I just snickered. She was a little late on that. Been there and I literally just had done that. His dad ends up taking the ladder and we get stuck in the tree house. He brings it back and we get down. They leave. I stay the night and dance until we get tired. I tell my friends them what happened. Bad Idea on my part. Passed out. Woke up the next morning and acted like nothing happened. I told my older sister right above me first. She ended up getting drunk one night and because I was asking for my tank top and she didn’t like it, she told the whole family that I had sex with two guys in two weeks and that I wasn’t a virgin anymore. One of my sisters that buys my homecoming dresses said was only going to get me a card and a dollar for my birthday. I sat on the curb and cried. My mom didn’t talk to me for a long time and it took her about a year to trust me again. I was their good child. The one that wasn’t supposed to do anything. Any time I make a mistake it is a huge deal to this day. I have my flaws but my future is too fragile for me to mess up because my success is being weighed down my whole family. I regret to not regret. I wanted a glamorous story that me and my boyfriend were ready and chose a night and did it. I will never live that fairy tale lifestyle I will be lucky to find a good man. I will stay positive. A TV show called Awkward taught me that nothing is better then the first time you have with someone you love even if you are not a virgin. I believe that and will be happy when it finally happens. If anything can happen it will to me and all I can do is try to enjoy the ride of life. Cruisin’