Let’s talk about sex…..go salt’n’peppa

I found out what sex was when I was a young child. Like maybe 1st grade or 2nd grade. I was a tall child and my dad had magazines on this tall shelf in his closet and I always was interested in finding out what they were. I did and brought my little sister along for the ride. When my dad found out we were stealing them he thought we were quote on quote “gay” or we liked girls. We looked at them because the guys penises. I didn’t understand what cum was for a while because we would see that word a lot. Eventually we found out. Can’t remember when I did. It’s funny I think 2nd grade was when I seen my first porn. It was on VHS and it was called Stick It In. Yet again it was me and my little sister watching this. We hid it on the side of my bunk bed for as long as we could . Then my parents found out. She and I used to get into so much trouble. I was so interested in sex in that form that I would stay up late at night watch what was on HBO at night. The only thing about those adult films is that they never really showed the men’s penis. The woman was always over glorified. I would sit in the hallway while my mom was watching Real Sex on HBO at night. My mom and my older sisters would always talk about sex. If you haven’t got the hint I grew up in a very open and casual family. We could talk to each other about any and everything. My mom had enough experience, she always gave good opinions on everything. Even if I didn’t want to hear it she would anyways. As time passed and I got more internet savvy, I was online one night looking at porn with my little sister at this time we had been on every free site we could get our hands on. By now we were teenagers and knew pretty much everything about everything pertaining to sex. We just typed in YouPorn.com to see if it existed and the mother load of free porn came up. We had hit the treasure. To this day I still look on there every once in a while. This turned more into a post about how much I enjoy watching pornography. Too late to go back now. Tumblr is probably the next best thing for a person that likes watching sex. That place is so free and open. I love it. Pictures, Moving pictures (gifs) and videos. You cannot go wrong. I just want to say watch porn at least once in your life. It is very interesting and broad. Enjoy!